ZualaCapital Backs Coded Estate:Pioneering Web3 Innovation in Real Estate

 ZualaCapital, a leading venture capital firm known for its strategic investments in cutting-edge technologies, has announced its latest strategic  investment in CodedEstate, a groundbreaking web3 startup revolutionizing the real estate industry.

CodedEstate is spearheading a transformative movement by leveraging blockchain technology to bridge the gap between traditional real-world assets and the digital realm. Through its innovative platform, Coded Estate enables the seamless integration of homes and rentals onto the blockchain while facilitating fractionalized ownership, thereby breaking down barriers to entry into premium real estate markets.

With Coded Estate’s visionary approach, users can now access lucrative real estate opportunities for as little as $100, democratizing investment and ownership in previously inaccessible markets. This disruptive model not only enhances accessibility but also fosters greater inclusivity and financial empowerment for individuals worldwide.

Zuala Capital’s decision to invest in Coded Estate underscores its commitment to supporting visionary startups at the forefront of technological innovation. By backing Coded Estate, Zuala Capital recognizes the immense potential of web3 solutions in revolutionizing traditional industries and unlocking new possibilities for global economic growth.

“We are thrilled to back  Coded Estate on their mission to reshape the future of real estate through blockchain technology,” said  Pakam J.Johnson,  Founding Partner & CIO  at ZualaCapital. “Their innovative approach aligns perfectly with our vision of supporting disruptive ventures that drive meaningful change and create lasting value.”

Coded Estate’s visionary platform represents a paradigm shift in the real estate landscape, offering unparalleled opportunities for investors, homeowners, and renters alike. With Zuala Capital’s backing, Coded Estate is poised to accelerate its growth trajectory and solidify its position as a trailblazer in the web3 revolution 

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