Lucas Brown leads the Invesco fintech team to launch LBAI, an AI-driven financial tool in July.



Sydney, Australia, 12th Jun 2024 – High-net-worth individuals engaging with their financial advisors at Invesco can anticipate a transformative experience, as the company prepares to introduce cutting-edge AI technology into their discussions. Following extensive testing with 1,000 financial advisors, Invesco, in partnership with OpenAI and under the leadership of Professor Lucas Brown, is poised to unveil its AI-driven financial tool (LBAI) in July .


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Under the leadership of Professor Lucas Brown, Invesco has continuously upgraded its AI financial tool, LBAI, and conducted extensive client-approved testing. Research shows that users of LBAI have seen a significant increase in profitability.

LBAI excels at identifying market trends quickly, eliminating the need for manual analysis of vast financial data. It offers robust analysis and predictions on historical stock prices, macroeconomic trends, industry dynamics, technical charts, and global news. LBAI accurately determines optimal buying and selling times, monitors real-time global capital flows, and evaluates market sentiment. Additionally, it autonomously learns to help investors develop stable, comprehensive investment strategies, ensuring well-informed decisions and improved profitability.


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Professor Lucas Brown, Chief Risk Analyst at Invesco Australia and CTO of AI Financial Software Development, emphasized the profound impact of artificial intelligence, likening its potential influence to the advent of the Internet. Constantly scouting Silicon Valley for cutting-edge technology, Professor Brown identified OpenAI as a key partner in 2022, before their app ChatGPT gained mainstream attention.

“We quickly realized that collaboration with OpenAI was essential; their advancements were unparalleled,” stated Lucas Brown. This realization led Invesco President and CEO Martin L. Flanagan to California, where he negotiated a partnership with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and technologist Boris Power. The agreement, signed last summer, grants Invesco priority in developing wealth management products.

Although OpenAI declined to comment, it is clear that their technology will provide valuable insights and administrative support to financial advisors, while investment advice will remain a human endeavor.

“Consultants remain at the core,” affirmed Lucas Brown. Employees view this technology as a beneficial tool, enhancing their capabilities without posing a threat to their roles.



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Invesco’s AI-driven initiative is a key component of its strategic push in the asset management division, which saw a 16% increase in net income during the second quarter, reaching a record high. The company also added AUD 90 billion in new client assets. CEO Martin L. Flanagan, who has led numerous significant transactions to attract more funds into the asset management business, aims to achieve AUD 10 trillion in assets under management (AUM).

While several industry players utilize AI to process data, detect capital flows, and analyze client transactions, Invesco stands out by opening some slots for general investment users. This approach allows Invesco to gather extensive user investment data, enhancing their AI’s data analysis and autonomous learning capabilities, and solidifying their position as a leader in the AI financial software market.

LBAI, Invesco’s AI financial tool, boasts features that set it apart from common AI financial software. Its standout functions include AI-driven quantitative trading and human-like simulation, providing unparalleled support and insights to investors.


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Invesco’s latest AI financial tool, LBAI, is set to transform the landscape of quantitative trading, a method traditionally reserved for institutions and brokerage firms. Utilizing modern statistics and technology, quantitative trading minimizes human interference by incorporating data analysis, algorithmic trading, risk management, backtesting, real-time monitoring, and automated execution.

Unlike traditional systems that require manual settings for take-profit and stop-loss levels, LBAI excels by precisely calculating entry and exit prices, enabling fully automated trading. Applicable to financial assets worldwide, LBAI’s beta testing data indicates a win rate exceeding 80%, with the forex and gold markets reaching up to 88.76%.

Leveraging advanced autonomous and deep learning capabilities, LBAI integrates investment strategies from over 100 top financial experts globally. By training models with deep learning, LBAI combines multiple experts’ trading strategies and styles, providing meticulous oversight for each trade. This means your investments benefit from the collective expertise of renowned investors like Warren Buffett, Shane Oliver, and Cathie Wood, generating passive income 24/7.

LBAI 4.0 further enhances this by integrating strategies from up to five financial experts simultaneously, performing cross-analysis to identify trading opportunities. These powerful functions have generated high anticipation for LBAI’s official release in July, promising significant changes to the financial market.

Professor Lucas Brown, leading the development of LBAI, emphasizes that the primary purpose is not profit-driven but to ensure market fairness for all investors. The goal is to democratize access to powerful investment tools previously reserved for institutions, ensuring that everyone can benefit from advanced financial strategies. 



Professor Lucas Brown has announced that Invesco’s AI financial tool, LBAI, significantly improves market efficiency and transparency, creating equal opportunities for investors at all levels. This groundbreaking tool ensures that everyone can achieve success in the financial markets by leveraging the latest advancements in AI technology.


“With the proliferation and advancement of AI, the market is expected to increasingly rely on efficient and precise tools like LBAI to navigate the ever-changing economic environment and investment challenges,” stated Professor Lucas Brown. He highlighted that many investors lack sufficient financial knowledge, leading to significant risks and losses. However, LBAI is designed to ensure market fairness and provide comprehensive support.

“Whether you’re an experienced investor or a beginner, using LBAI is like having a professional financial team available 24/7, ensuring your investment decisions are always ahead,” added Brown. The AI-driven financial tool offers personalized and efficient investment solutions, positioning itself as a crucial player in the future financial market.


Invesco’s AI quantitative trading is designed to achieve returns with exceptional stability and minimal risk. Each activation of the AI quantitative trading system is closely monitored 24/7 by a dedicated AI engineer. Moving forward, Invesco will continue to prioritize stability to ensure users receive the best possible profit experience.






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